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Current Missions

Rescue at Rivenroar

Rescue the Prisoners (Major)

Seven townspeople were abducted during the raid on Brindol. The council has promised 200gp for their safe return or at least knowledge of their fate.

  • Jalissa, Acolyte of Ioun – rescued
  • Sertanian, Castellan of Hall of Great Valor – rescued
  • Kartenix, the Guard Captain – found deceased
  • Thurann, son of Kartenix (8 years old) – rescued
  • Alys, courier (longtooth shifter, cousin of Tey) – rescued
  • Zerriksa, crone/herbalist – rescued
  • Andronsius, alchemist – rescued

Retrieve the Stolen Treasures (Minor)

During the raid, several items were stolen from the Hall of Valor. The council has promised 200gp for their return.

  • Ornate, gilded dragoncrest helm – found
  • Ceremonial platinum longsword – found
  • Set of three shields with Red Hand insignia – found
  • Set of iron gauntlets with extensive filigree – found
  • Heraldic battle standard depicting two hands clasped in a handshake – found

Siege of Bordrin’s Watch

Defend Bordrin’s Watch (Major)

An orc army is amassing to siege the mountain pass of Bordrin’s Watch. The horde must be repelled as well as several tunnels through the mountain sealed. The party has been offered 1000gp for their help in the conflict.

The party rescued the dwarf Khalad from the Sundered Chain monastery and with his help, sealed the Nexus to prevent orc infiltration of tunnels below Overlook.

Shadow Rift of Umbraforge

Modra’s Threat (Minor)

The dark creeper Modra, who has some involvement with the recent orc raid, has attempted to have the party killed to recover a strange brass key.

Notable Figures


Sinruth (killed)

Hobgoblin – Wants to raise an army and conquer Elsir Vale, emulating the Red Hand of ten years previous. Using catacombs under Castle Rivenroar as a base.

The Emissary

Unknown – A message from the Emissary to Sinruth was found detailing instructions to raid Brindol and bring chaos to the region.

Tusk (killed)

Orog Chieftan – Leader of the recent orc invasion, using resources and arms supplied by the dark creeper Modra.


Dark Creeper

Elsir Vale – Brindol

Lord Warden Harrik Orenna

Human: Public face of Brindol council and commander of the city militia.

Councilmember Eoffram Troyas

Half-Elf: New addition to Brindol council, reputation as outspoken, combative public figure. Intends to employ adventurers to reduce bandit attacks in Elsir Vale. Employed party to rescue prisoners and retrieve missing treasures after raid on Brindol.



Adventure Log

Calendar of known lands – 3 weeks at 10 days each
Year in AN – dating to the rise of Nerath

Winter Descending Winter Night Winter Deep
Spring Dawning Spring Rain Spring Blossom
Summer Home Summer Flame Summer Ending
Autumn Harvest Autumn Twilight Autumn Dark


12 Spring Dawning – Brindol attacked by hobgoblins. Town set on fire. After attack, discovered kidnappings and theft from Hall of Great Valor.

(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defended the inn: 50xp
Defeated the ogre: 100xp

13 Spring Dawning – Asked by Councillor Troyas to rescue prisoners and retrieve stolen items. Interrogated captured hobgoblin to obtain map to ruins of Rivenroar. Traveled 10 hours through rough terrain to reach ruins of Castle Rivenroar.

Negotiated with Councilor Troyas and interrogated the hobgoblin: 50xp

14 Spring Dawning – Began exploration of catacombs of Rivenroar.

Defeated goblins and hobgoblins in entrance: 50xp
Defeated goblins and hobgoblins in living quarters: 50xp
Defeated the Ochre Jelly and spectres: 100xp

15 Spring Dawning

(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defeated drake swarms: 100xp
Defeated rage drakes: 50xp
Defeated hobgoblins: 50xp

(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defeated rats: 50xp
Defeated zombies: 100xp

16 Spring Dawning

Defeated hobgoblins and hexer: 50xp
(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defeated ghouls: 100xp
Defeated wight: 50xp
Defeated offalian: 50xp
Defeated cult leader: 50xp

17 Sprint Dawning

(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defeated Sinruth: 100xp
Completed Rescue the Prisoners: 100xp
Completed Stolen Treasures: 100xp

Celebrated return, guests of feast.

24 Spring Dawning – Messenger arrives from Overlook with Call to Arms. Departed Brindol for Overlook.

27 Spring Dawning – Encountered sacked caravan.
Recovered lockbox: 50xp

1 Spring Rain – Arrived in Overlook, explored city.
Intimidated Lost Ones: 50xp

2 Spring Rain – Departed for Sundered Chain Monastery.
(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defeated orcs outside monastery: 50xp
Defeated orcs inside monastery: 50xp
Defeated orcs below altar: 50xp
Defeated orcs on stairs: 100xp
(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defeated Og: 100xp

3 Spring Rain – Journeyed to Vents
Defeated orcs by tunnels: 50xp
Defeated Dark One and minions: 50xp
(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defeated troll: 100xp
Defeated choker: 50xp
Defeated Tusk: 100xp
Completed Defend Bordrin’s Watch: 100xp

Sealed the Nexus and travelled back to Overlook.

4 Spring Rain – Rested and travelled to Bordrin’s Watch. Helped defend the walls.

9 Spring Rain – Orcs routed, returned to Overlook.
(+50xp attendance bonus)

13 Spring Rain
Defeated Lost Ones: 50xp
Tracked Modra to Happy Beggar: 100xp
Defeated bats: 50xp
Defeated creepers and hounds: 50xp
(+50xp attendance bonus)
Defeated wraiths: 50xp


Elsir Vale


Map Key:

1. City Gates 2. The Stone Wyvern (Tavern) 3. Axenhaft Security (Guard Service
4. Shank’s Shivs (Weapon Shop) 5. Brindol Market 6. Antler & Thistle (Tavern)
7. Red Magic and Sundries 8. Shrine of Bahamut 9. The Craven Raven (Tavern)
10. Velorian’s Playhouse (closed) 11. Brindol Academy (closed) 12. The Laughing Manticore (closed)
13. Samanga Manor 14. Teskerwill Manor 15. Discrete Departures
16. The Hall of Great Valor 17. Cathedral of Kord 18. Brindol Keep
19. Haskin Mansion 20. Brindol Cemetery 21. Temple of the Raven Queen

Other locations:

Inns: Chatrenn and Sons, The Red Door, Avandrian Hostel, The Silk and Spoon, Pantashi Inn
Taverns: Ilya’s Cardhouse, The Marooned Schooner, Cleftie’s, Brindol Gentleman’s Club, The Blue Parrot
Guilds: Prospectors, Blacksmiths and Smelters, Teamsters and Farriers, Weavers, River Bargemen (Halflings)
Supplies: Alchemy by Adronsius (closed), Gavriel Arms and Smithy, Staghunter Outfitters, Alpenglow Trading House
Temples: Temple of Erathis, College of Ioun, Shrine of the Sun (Pelor), Moondust Temple (Sehanine), Shrine of Bahamut, Shrine of the Open Door (Avandra)

Explored Locations

Castle Rivenroar

In hills northeast of Brindol, abandoned since Nerath era. Castle is ruined but catacombs underneath are intact and serve as a lair for Sinruth’s hobgoblins.

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