Story So Far: Prologue 1

 Arriving individually in the port city of Pinehaven, the adventurers enjoyed the sights and attractions but soon found themselves in need of sustained income.  Guided to the friendly Dockmaster as a source of hazardous but well-paying jobs, the four found themselves employed together on a seemingly boring mission to oversee the loading of foodstuffs from the nearby island.

Upon reaching the island of Stormhaven, they found that the farmers and townsfolk were rioting to protest a shortage of food supplies and were intent on mayhem towards the ship and its dock crew.  Through quick action by the adventurers, many rioters were subdued and the food was loaded without harm.

They then proceeded to stop on the ship’s normal route at the fortress-island of Dragonclaw, where the local dockmaster employed the group to carry a mysterious courier package.  Upon returning to Pinehaven, the intended recipient turned out to be murdered and after a rooftop chase, they defeated the thieves who had stolen the package and returned it to its rightful owner.

The recipient, a gaunt woman named Marusca, rewarded them for returning the package and recognizing their abilities, pleaded for aid (with a promise of ample payment) for investigating a town apparently under attack by unknown entities a few days’ ride to the south of Pinehaven.



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